How to Configure Altiris Deployment Job to Upload a Windows 7 Image

Altiris Deployment Solution 6.9 SP4 is primarily used to deploy images and software in the K12 schools we work with. Since Windows 7 is just beginning to be deployed, and there are some differences in uploading an image with this program, I put together some directions on this as a reminder.

1. This assumes your computer is ready to upload for imaging… updates, software installed etc. (If you are using Symantec Endpoint Protection in the image, please remove the Hardware-ID registry entry).

2. Open the Altiris Deployment Console and right lick on a folder used to create images (Usually I name it “Create Images”) and choose “New Job..”

3. Give the Job a meaningful name and make sure it is highlighted. Then in the far right hand pane, click on the command button named “Add” and choose “Create Disk Image.”


Choose "Create Disk Image..."

4. In the screen that results from the above choice, fill it in as noted below.

a. Choose the place to upload the image. Please make a folder for each new image.

b. Because this is Windows 7, make sure you choose the option “Prepared Using Sysprep.”

c. Choose the Operation System, in this case Windows 7 Professional.

d. Choose to “USE EXISTING KEY.”

e. Choose to use WinPE (Auto-Select) as the imaging


Make sure you configure for sysprep before uploading

5. Once the job is configured, you can drag the computer down to the job in the Deployment Console. If PXE is not the first boot option, you will need to press F12 or ESC to access the boot menu on the computer.

6. Please note that the computer needs to run the sysprep.exe file before it reboots to upload the image. This may take several minutes… you NEED TO STAY AROUND to hit the F12 button if you do not have PXE enabled as the first boot device.  If you sysprep an image too many times (more than 3), you will need to rebuild the image again.


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